The notion of a "secret alien invasion movie" is becoming a bit of a cliché. J.J. Abrams alone has pulled the stunt twice -- first with 'Cloverfield', which was shrouded in mystery and even the suggestion that its title was fake, before turning out not to be an alien invasion movie after all (though who knows), and then again with 'Super 8', which snuck a super-secret trailer into theaters with 'Iron Man 2', comes with the tagline "Next Summer, It Arrives," and looks like it might actually involve an alien (though who knows). Now Sam Raimi is getting in on the act with a super-secret alien-invasion movie of his own, as producer -- tentatively titled 'EDF', or 'Earth Defense Force'.

At least Raimi appears to be making no bones about the fact that his movie is actually about aliens -- "mix 'Top Gun' with 'Independence Day' and a pinch of 'The Last Starfighter'," reports Vulture. They have a more detailed description of the plot, based on the current draft of the screenplay -- it sounds like a cheerful, aerial-dogfight-heavy action flick about Earth's attempt to repel some unquestionably aggressive extraterrestrials. Raimi does not plan to direct the movie himself.

That certainly sounds like fun, yet I wonder if this subgenre might not be getting a little too much exercise of late. In the coming months, we're getting the Strause brothers' 'Skyline' (which appears to be another straight-up invasion flick in the vein of Raimi's), D.J. Caruso's 'I Am Number Four' (which might have a 'Twilight'-ish spin on it; new trailer here), Abrams' 'Super 8', as well as 'Battle: Los Angeles', Chris Gorak's 'The Darkest Hour' (my personal favorite), and a bunch of other movies that we helpfully summarized here. There's certainly no end of different approaches to alien invasion movies that one can take, but I just wonder if we're oversaturating the market. A few of these movies are sure to end up falling through the cracks. (My money's on 'Skyline', which has no stars or name brands, and looks kinda hokey, albeit in an appealing way.)

What's your pleasure among these? Is there one or two you're particularly looking for? And is there a point where you're going to draw the line on alien invasion flicks, at least for a while?
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