Some things just get better with time -- cheese, wine, cold dishes of revenge. And perhaps at the top of the list are films from acclaimed directors like Paul Thomas Anderson.

Anderson, of course, is the auteur behind such seminal works as 'Magnolia' and 'There Will Be Blood.' But in a clear case of quality being more important than quantity, he's only directed two films in the 11 years since 'Magnolia' landed in 1999: the Adam Sandler misfire 'Punch-Drunk Love' in 2002 and Best Picture nominee 'There Will Be Blood' in 2007.

And now that Cinematical is reporting that his next movie, 'The Master,' has been postponed indefinitely, there's no telling just when film buffs will have a chance to see his vision on the big screen. Which got us to thinking: by the time Anderson's next film hits the screen, we will have seen more Summer Olympics since 'Magnolia' came out -- four -- than films by the glacial Anderson.

With that in mind, then, here are some of the other Olympian directors who, along with Anderson, believe that slow and steady win the race:

James CameronJames Cameron
Years Between Last Two Movies: 12
When Cameron was establishing his name as a director back in the '80s with hits like 'Aliens' and 'Terminator,' he wasn't exactly speedy, but you could count on him turning out a new film every three years or so. But that all changed after 1997's 'Titanic' became the biggest movie in history; since then he's directed a grand total of one mainstream movie -- a little something you may have heard of called 'Avatar.' During that 12-year gap he did keep himself busy with two nature documentaries, but if you're waiting for 'Avatar 2' or the long-rumored 'Battle Angel Alita,' don't hold your breath: Despite the fact that both movies are in pre-production, neither is expected to hit theaters before 2013 at the earliest.

Terrence Malick
Years Between Last Two Movies: 6
If there were a gold medal for reclusive directors, it would be named after Malick, who undoubtedly holds a Hollywood endurance record for the longest period between films. Following his first two efforts, the instant classics 'Badlands' from 1973 and 'Days of Heaven' in 1978, Malick dropped off the face of the planet for over two decades before re-emerging with 1998's 'The Thin Red Line.' He hasn't exactly been a busy body over the last 12 years though, with just 2005's 'The New World' and next year's Brad Pitt vehicle 'The Tree of Life' under his belt.

Spike JonzeSpike Jonze
Years Between Last Two Movies: 7
Jonze burst onto the scene in a big way back in 1999 thanks to his mind-bending indie hit 'Being John Malkovich,' which was nominated for three Oscars and four Golden Globes. Since then, though, he's only turned out two more movies: 2002's 'Adaptation,' which won two Golden Globes, and 2009's 'Where the Wild Things Are,' which divided audiences and critics alike with its polarizing take on the children's classic. Love him or hate him, though, with that kind of schedule at least it's hard to get sick of him.

Kathryn BigelowKathryn Bigelow
Years Between Last Two Movies: 7
Bigelow, who was famously married to Cameron back in the day, apparently shares his disdain for haste. Though her 1991 hit 'Point Break' was her third film in five years, since then she's become decidedly more deliberate in her pacing, with just four films in the last 19 years: 1995's 'Strange Days,' 2000's 'The Weight of Water,' 2002's 'K-19: The Widowmaker' and, of course, last year's Best Picture winner 'The Hurt Locker.' Perhaps having a Best Director win under her belt as well will allow her to push her new projects through the Hollywood system a little faster now.

Sofia CoppolaSofia Coppola
Years Between Last Two Movies: 4
Compared to the others on our list, Francis Ford Coppola's daughter is positively prolific, turning out a movie every four years or so since she debuted with 1999's 'The Virgin Suicides.' Still, considering the critical acclaim films such as 2003's 'Lost in Translation' and this year's festival darling 'Somewhere' have earned, you can forgive us for wishing she was a little faster with her creative process.