Last week we introduced you to the final bracket of our brand spanking new Heroes vs. Villains Tournament. For those who missed it, what we're doing is selecting 64 of the most iconic movie heroes and villains, and then having them square off against each other (heroes vs. heroes, villains vs. villains) until, in the end, we only have one hero and one villain to face each other in an epic battle to determine once and for all who is a greater force: the hero or the villain.

Sure, we could've come up with a list a mile long, but then we'd be here voting for months. So, instead, our team of movie nerds spent a ridiculous amount of hours stressing over which heroes and villains should make the final 64 bracket, and tonight the match-ups finally begin. A lot of people seem to be confused when it comes to how you should vote. This isn't a contest to determine which character would win in a fight; to us, it's so much more than that.

When voting, take everything you know about these characters into consideration -- from how cool their one-liners are, to how creative they can be when killing an opponent. Do they wear a cool costume or carry a badass weapon? Who are you most afraid of, and who would you root for more?

We've placed the full bracket at the end of the post, and you'll see we've divided these characters up among 10 different divisions. Today we're zeroing in on our 'Physical Heroes' and 'Bleeders' divisions, so head below the jump and begin voting ... NOW!


Alien vs. Dracula
Alien (ALIENS)1251 (79.6%)
Dracula (BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA)320 (20.4%)

Dracula vs. Freddy Krueger
Dracula (NOSFERATU)554 (35.6%)
Freddy Krueger (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET)1001 (64.4%)

Godzilla vs. Jason Voorhees
Godzilla (GODZILLA)1078 (69.5%)
Jason Voorhees (FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2)473 (30.5%)

Michael Myers vs. The Predator
Michael Myers (HALLOWEEN)375 (24.3%)
The Predator (PREDATOR)1171 (75.7%)


Ellen Ripley vs. General Maximus
Ellen Ripley (ALIENS)1006 (64.5%)
General Maximus (GLADIATOR)553 (35.5%)

John Rambo vs. John McClane
John Rambo (FIRST BLOOD)478 (30.6%)
John McClane (DIE HARD)1082 (69.4%)

Indiana Jones vs. Robin Hood
Indiana Jones (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK)1477 (94.5%)

Rocky Balboa vs. William Wallace
Rocky Balboa (ROCKY)754 (48.7%)
William Wallace (BRAVEHEART)795 (51.3%)

Check out the full bracket by clicking on the image below ...

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