Many people think of Sarah Silverman as primarily a TV actress, but when you stop to think about it, she's been in many movies: 'School of Rock,' 'Heartbreakers' and 'Saint John of Las Vegas' to name a few. Now she's starring in ensemble comedy 'Peep World,' which takes a close look at a very dysfunctional family, alongside Michael C. Hall and Rainn Wilson.

The film premiered at this year's Toronto Film Festival, where we caught up with Silverman. She spoke with us about going full-frontal in her next movie, about her shower-crying scene in 'Peep World,' and how hard it was for her growing up with three sisters (apparently not at all!).

It's always nice to see you on the big screen. Was this a fun one for you to film?
Yes. The actors in this film all fell in love with each other. It was really, really fun – and it's also interesting because we're all TV actors to begin with. There was not a bad egg on this set. Movies are mostly comprised of in between the shots, so it's great when you have some cool people to pass the time with.

Considering that many of you guys are jokers, were there any pranks on set?
Not crazy pranks, but just trading great stories. That's probably my favorite thing to do, you know?

Well, it's funny because both Hall and Wilson play fairly serious characters in this.
Yeah. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I remember shooting [Wilson's] scene at the end. It was beautiful. I loved that.

What made you want to be a part of 'Peep World'?
I really liked the character. Yeah, she's a bitch or whatever, but she's also heartbreaking and pathetic. She has such a chip on a shoulder, and she's so entitled and a mess. What a terrible way to live!

Yeah, your shower-crying scene was pretty sad.
Was that in there? I asked another guy and he didn't know. I remember shooting it. I wanted to cry the way I cry, ugly and honestly. [Emits loud harrowing wail] They asked me to cry prettier, and I said I would try.

How is your relationship with your parents?
It's really great, I've gotta say. I've been through all the stuff, you know what I mean. We're pretty close.

And you have three sisters. How was that growing up?
It was great. My two older sisters are older enough that they just liked dressing me up. My step-sister and I are only three months apart, so we were like best friends. It's actually ridiculous – my mother, my step-mother and my dad all love each other. My step-mother sends my dad over to my mom's house to get his toenails clipped because he can't do it himself and it grosses her out. When I look at families that don't get along, I think 'What a waste of life.' You know?

Do you ever have a desire to take on a really serious role, and move away from comedy?
Oh, yeah! There are so many filmmakers that I admire that walk that line of drama and comedy. I would love to be part of those. I'm interested in things that grab me.

You're appearing in Sarah Polley's latest film, 'Take This Waltz.' How was that filming process?
Yes. It was so awesome. She is so f--king cool. So kind. She knows exactly what she wants and knows how to get it. She's just lovely. A total delight.

Any tidbits you can share about that film?
They're editing it now, but... you should know I had a great time on set. I get totally naked. Full-frontal. It's going to be awful. It's so not pretty.