Seth Green, who seems determined to carve out a niche for himself as a geek-god of nerd culture, recently spoke about the new 'Star Wars' TV series that he's creating with 'Robot Chicken' partner Matt Senreich. Stopped on the red carpet at the season premiere party for Cartoon Network's 'Clone Wars,' the pair offered a few tidbits designed to tweak the interest of fans of the beloved franchise.

Among the revelations: Green and Senreich are producing the whole first season of the show, then looking for distribution – and they won't be sharing anything with the public until they find a home for the project. Also, while the show had been previously compared, rather cryptically, by George Lucas to 'Spongebob Squarepants,' that seemed to befuddle Senreich when he was asked about it. "[W]hat kind of Spongebob are we talking about?," he responded. " Are we talking about the 4 year olds who watch it because it's goofy? Or the college age kids who watch it because it's hilarious?"

They, instead, described their project as "surreal" and Senreich called it "short form comedy":

Seth chimed in saying, "The best analogy I think is that it's Star Wars without the wars."

"But that's not entirely true, either," Matt corrected him.

"How about this, then. It's the funniest television since Lucille Ball?"

"Could be."

"Or maybe like... Jon Stewart on steroids mixed with Dave Chapelle?"

"I can see that."

Green and Senreich, who remain fairly tight-lipped about the show, said that the look will be unique, created in CGI but "not like the movies, it's not like the other cartoons, it's not like 'Clone Wars.' This is new."

The Shiny Report entry also offers up an amusing moment when George Lucas himself wanders by, and says, ""Don't tell these guys anything. And don't listen to a word these guys say." Yep ... that sounds like Lucas.

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