Robert De Niro sports a beard at the Elgin Theater. Alexis Bledel hits a TIFF press conference for 'The Conspirator,' while co-star Kevin Kline hits the red carpet. Playboy Playmate Bridget Marquardt throws a TIFF party. Rachelle Lefevre might've missed out on 'Eclipse,' but it let her find her way to TIFF. Ron Perlman takes a puff on the red carpet. Hilary Swank smiles with 'Conviction.' Emma Stone trades in her scarlet letter for some floofy shoulder thing.

Scott Weinberg caught James Gunn's 'Super' and wrote: "This is a flick that wants you to laugh at some seriously dark and weird material, but it also has the audacity to challenge the viewer to delve a little deeper. In other words, Super felt like a (very funny) comedy while I was watching it -- but after a few hours had passed, I found myself contemplating the flick's darker and considerably more serious side."

Meanwhile, I caught Keira Knightley's 'Last Night' and thought: "Massy Tadjedin has quickly established herself as a notable and talented new filmmaker. Last Night is an impressive first feature, knowing when to savor a moment and linger, and knowing when to retreat and tease curiosity."


IFC Films was also taken with 'Super.' They've nabbed the U.S. rights to James Gunn's everyday superhero flick -- that stars Rainn Wilson, Wllen Page, Liv Tyler, and Kevin Bacon -- after an all-night auction. The film will be released through the company's IFC Midnight banner.

Deadline's latest buzz, meanwhile, is that 'Dirty Girl' is being targeted by the Weinsteins.

Toronto Day 4 talks about Clint Eastwood's worst-ever and the idea that Canada's making too many movies.

Eric Kohn stops for a shot with Roger Ebert and Rainn Wilson, Sydney Levine plays Meet the Mogul with Bob Berney, and Davis Guggenheim talks 'Waiting for Superman.'


Our Erik Childress needs a tissue: "One of the 2 best films I have seen at Toronto. Danny Boyle's 127 Hours. Extraordinary. I actually teared up. Very rare."

The Playlist checks out the urban mosaic of TIFF's Wavelengths screening "Soul of the City."

This is the month of machetes, and Twitch talks to the man behind 'Machete Maidens Unleashed,' Mark Hartley.

LA Times' The Big Picture sees parallels between 'The Conspirator' and 9/11.

PostCity shares the free perks of being a celebrity at TIFF.

THR dips into the wonder and charm that is TIFF's Midnight Madness.

My favorite of the fest thus far is Bruce McDonald's 'Trigger.' I'll be chatting about it on Girls on Film Monday night, but for now, here's the new trailer.