If there's any new project you should keep an eye on, this would be it.

In 2008, Steve McQueen made a stellar film about the Irish republican hunger strike and the slow death of striker Bobby Sands called Hunger. A relatively unknown actor was picked for the key role, a man with some TV credits under his belt like Band of Brothers and Hex, plus a rippling pec part as Stelios in Zack Snyder's 300. Michael Fassbender was the man, morphing his body in ways that would rival the likes of Christian Bale's Machinist, and adding acting chops to the affair that revealed there was a whole lot more to him than savage fighting, comic book style.

Now McQueen and Fassbender are reuniting for a new film called Shame.

Variety reports that McQueen's sophomore feature -- yep, Hunger was, shockingly, his first -- will go in an entirely new direction. Penned by McQueen with Abi Morgan (Brick Lane), the feature will have Fassbender star as Brandon, a 30-something New Yorker "unable to manage his sex life." It "will examine the nature of need, how people live their lives, and react to the experiences that shape them."

And it's just one more notable role in an ever-growing pile of diverse projects. He's playing Carl Jung for David Cronenberg, a black ops soldier in Haywire, Magneto in X-Men: First Class, a leading role in Jim Jarmusch's latest, and maybe some WWI action with Birdsong. There's a reason why David Ehrlich implored you all to pay attention to the actor last month.

While a dude "unable to manage his sex life" might sound like typical, sketchy fare, with Fassbender and McQueen, it's sure to be more than just a superficial glance at sex and life. And let's hope it has cinematic flair as notable as the 17.5 minute-long discussion shot.
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