Looking to get your Ph.D. in Zombie studies? There may come a day when some university finally comes up with a Doctoral program for those of us who've spent a huge chunk of our lives watching Romero and Fulci films (I'm enrolling instantly when it happens ... ), but today is not it. Instead, if you're a zombie-phile of the highest magnitude, you'll have to settle for an undergraduate class instead. But hey, it's a start, right?

Those attending the University of Baltimore can enroll in Arnold Blumberg's Zombie Studies course -- a semester-long class devoted to examining the walking dead's influence on popular culture and mass media. Blumberg, the author of Zombiemania, has crafted a class that will have students viewing films and reading books and comics about the living dead -- or basically, get course credit for what a lot of us do as part of our daily routine.

Blumberg promises that the course won't just be light entertainment: "It's relatively easy to connect the zombie to what is happening in culture. We'll have fun with it, but we'll also give it a serious look in different contexts, like that of American progress."

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He goes on to add, "The zombie functions as an allegory for all sorts of things that play out in our country. Whether it's the threat of communism during the Cold War or our fears about bioterrorism in 2010."

He does have a point -- the zombie personifies many of our society's deeper fears. The thought of our entire civilization being wiped out by shambling corpses of our loved ones -- unstoppable despite our own weaponry and technology -- certainly says something about the culture at large, the instructor says.

So, maybe this class won't be a cake-walk after all. Those looking to learn how to shoot or turn household objects into zombie-killing weaponry will have to keep waiting for a course designed for them. I'm sure there's a vocational school working on it as we speak.
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