There's no rest in the fight against the lethal misogynists. It hasn't even been a month since Rooney Mara beat out hordes of hopefuls and established Hollywood names to play the new Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher's remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and production is already underway. Of course, that means it's time for our first sneaky look at what the filmmaker has in mind for Mara's Salander.

A number of shots have hit the net, showing the new Lisbeth looking a lot like Ramona Flowers without the wildly dyed hair, sitting down for a break, and zipping around on a motorbike.

The images went up over at the Rooney Mara Network, a fansite dedicated to -- obviously -- Rooney Mara. There are a bunch of pictures of her lounging, riding, and chatting with crew for you to check out. So far, she looks alright, though context and a larger picture will be required to tell for sure.

We're all used to the ubiquitous picture of Salander with hair over her eye, piercings in the nose, dark coal eye makeup, and a heavy dose of determination behind the eyes. (Not to mention bullets around the neck.) A little more will have to be done to Salander in these images to get that same sense of strength that pushes it out of hipster and into lethal menace. Chances are these are just pre-production/training images, and Rooney Mara's final get-up with look a little different.

What do you think of the new Salander thus far?