Update: Nokia UK has quashed the sex scene rumors and has confirmed to Cinematical that the scene will be set in a hotel room, but involve a gang of ninjas racing through the building. It's a light-hearted scene and "certainly not of a sexual nature."

For a good dose of post-holiday bile, chew on this: Pamela Anderson has reportedly agreed to partake in a cinematic sex scene with a fan. Yep, if you ever watched her saucy seas sex tape with Tommy Lee and wished you could get close to the ex-Baywatch star, it's as far away as entering your name, e-mail address, and phone number ... and being a resident of the UK.

A contest brought to you by Nokia UK, the McHenry Brothers (who wrote and directed the upcoming Jackboots on Whitehall) will grab the company's new Nokia N8 and shoot a short film called The Commuter in high definition with the device. There's quick turnaround on this -- filming is slated to take place on September 20th in London.

But is it really a sex scene?

The official contest site -- Star with Pam -- says nothing about bedroom shenanigans. BANG Showbiz, however, (via I'm Not Obsessed) claims that the actress told them: "I'm really excited as it brings me back to my roots as Nokia is Finnish and so is my dad. The film is shot in bed; I like getting in bed with Nokia. I always end up in bed, but now it's just with Nokia."

... Nokia and some random lad or lady? The quote sounds ridiculous, but since this is Pamela Anderson we're talking about, I'm not even going to bother trying to guess the validity of it. I can only hope it's wrong, because I can't think of anything that would be sketchier than having a random, salivating fan fostered on big-boobed posters, slow-mo running shots, and sex tapes being a safe collaborator for the celebrity.

If you're wishing it was a different celeb, another part of Commuter will feature Ed Westwick with another fan. But back to Pam: Do you want to jump into bed with the buxom blonde?