The trailer for Danny Boyle's 127 Hours appears to be working. It won last week's poll with about 40% of the vote, beating out second- and third-place trailers A Horrible Way to Die (19%) and Legendary (14%). Good to see a number of you are also looking forward to the new documentary from Charles Ferguson, Inside Job (8%).

This week's big movie is Machete, which is kind of based on a trailer. What kinds of movies do you advertise ahead of something like that? How about another movie kind of based on a trailer, like Hobo with a Shotgun? It's especially appropriate because both of the original "fake" trailers were included in theatrical releases of Grindhouse -- though Hobo was only part of the Canadian version. I'm just assuming that the Rutger Hauer-starred B-movie about a violent vigilante is attached to the Danny Trejo-starred B-movie about a violent vigilante. Let me know if your cinema missed the opportunity.

As for the rest of the roundup, it's a pretty mixed bag, though there are a lot of international trailers this week, most for films we've already seen domestic spots for. Oddly enough, though, the English-language remake 13 had its first ad drop this week and none of it's in English. Hopefully we'll soon get to see the non-dubbed version, as well as a U.S. release date set for the well-cast thriller.

Find out my favorite trailer of the week -- for a film which interestingly and fittingly opens the same day as Top Chef Just Desserts debuts on TV -- and vote for your top pick in the poll after the jump.

1. Kings of Pastry - With all the cake and culinary programs on the Food Network, Bravo and elsewhere, what can get me into the theater for a non-fiction film about a French pastry competition? Documentary legends (and married couple) D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus can. I think that blurb about this being the culinary Hurt Locker is probably a bit much, though. [Trailer Addict]

2. 13 [International trailer] - Even with the whole trailer dubbed in Russian, you can get an idea how awesome Gela Babluani's remake of his own twisted thriller 13 (Tzameti) is going to be. What a great cast! Sam Riley, Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Michael Shannon, Ray Winstone, 50 Cent. And more we don't get to see in this first look. The only problem I have is that if this is a faithful redo, it gives away the gist of the plot, which I found to be a great surprise when I saw the original. [Twitch]

3. Hobo with a Shotgun - For anyone who thinks Machete looks too polished. Looks like a Troma movie from the '90s. Awesomely so. [YouTube]

4. Buried [International trailer] - I don't know why everyone says this movie looks claustrophobic. That last shot clearly shows he can at least stand up, right? Seriously, though, I'm one of the rare people (I think) who has claustrophilia. This movie will play like a fantasy for me. [YouTube]

5. Miral - Freida Pinto is following her Slumdog Millionaire break by working with some of New York's finest filmmakers. She's got that new Woody Allen movie coming out soon, and here she is in the latest from Julian Schnabel, in which she plays a Palestinian teaching at a refugee camp. I honestly started to doze off for a second until the Tom Waits came on the soundtrack. Okay, I'm sold. [YouTube]

6. My Trip to Al-Qaeda - I think this is Alex Gibney's 136th documentary to come out this year (it airs on HBO this coming week). Doesn't look as great as Casino Jack or Client 9 or even his segment from Freakonomics, all of which are also 2010 releases, but it will still be better than a lot of other new non-fiction films. [Trailer Addict]

7. Due Date [International trailer] - The only difference between the domestic and international trailers is the opening scene. The former involved Robert Downey Jr.'s character's father, the former likewise has something to do with Zach Galifianakis'. Either way it still looks like a Planes, Trains and Automobiles remake. [YouTube]

8. It's a Wonderful Afterlife - The latest NRI rom-com from Gurinder Chadha (Bend it Like Beckham) looks so bad it's sure to get a Hollywood remake. []

9. Repeaters - The synopsis of this thriller already had us all thinking of Groundhog Day. Now the trailer shows how very similar it is, minus all the fun stuff, of course. [HitFix]

10. Amigo - I'll give any John Sayles film a try, especially if Chris Cooper's in it. But frankly this trailer makes his latest look like a very cheap dramatization produced for a video segment of a museum exhibit. Based on Sayles' own novel about the Philippines-American War, this also stars Garret Dillahunt (Winter's Bone) and Road Trip's DJ Qualls, who doesn't lend any extra credibility to the thing. [YouTube]

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