Sometimes our cinematic heroes are hunted by unstoppable bad guys, and sometimes they're just the prey of large, hungry animals.

It's been three years since we first heard of The Grey, a spec script Joe Carnahan was writing. His friend had written a short story, Carnahan bought the rights and adapted it, and it floated around with the filmmaker's other possible projects, from a remake of Bunny Lake is Missing to a little White Jazz.

Earlier this year, the project finally started to pick up steam with Bradley Cooper, but one A-Team star is getting replaced with another. Faceman is out, and Hannibal is (almost) in.

THR's Heat Vision reports that Liam Neeson is in negotiations to re-team with his A-Team director, in the film co-written by Carnahan and Ian Jeffers. Set in Alaska, a plane crashes, and "a man (Neeson) and his oil drilling team find themselves struggling to survive in the wild. The men come under attack by large, vicious, aggressive wolves who see the humans as intruders who must be killed."

Though Neeson is getting more into the active thrills lately, he definitely brings a different sort of energy to the project, and it's always great when a man a few decades older can come in and replace a younger, increasingly big name. Between this and Gravity entertaining Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie alongside Carey Mulligan and Blake Lively, it seems like the void between the ages just got a little narrower.

Of course, with this project still moving full steam ahead, it means more wait-time for Killing Pablo and White Jazz. What say you? Are you ready for killer wolves?