Transmoto Motor Bike Magazine (via Moviehole) has word from stuntman Cameron Taylor that Mad Max: Fury Road, the upcoming follow-up to Max Max: Beyond Thunder Dome, will feature "130 cars and bikes and 298 stunts!"

Let that sink in a second: 298 stunts. I don't even know what that means. Is there a stunt every 20 seconds? Is that all Max Max: Fury Road is -- one long avant garde montage sequence with motorbikes jumping and crashing and driving and steering and careening and revving? Like Zabriskie Point's ending but a feature-length film featuring non-stop car chases?

There are many things that both confuse and excite me about Mad Max: Fury Road. The fact that a stuntman is seriously talking about 298 stunts in what at most should be a 2 1/2 hour film is just one of them. Fury Road is not supposed to be a reboot of the Max Max franchise: several sources say it will in fact be a direct(ish) sequel to Beyond Thunder Dome. There isn't a big age gap between Mel Gibson, star of the last three Mad Max movies, and Tom Hardy, the new Max: Mel was 29 when he filmed Beyond Thunder Dome while Hardy is 33 now. But I'll be damned if Mel doesn't look older.

The other weird thing is that, according to Moviehole, Transmoto took down their piece with Taylor 24 hours after they put it up. Moviehole speculates that it might be because Taylor obliquely talks about getting good money for the gig or possibly the fact that he says how many cars are in the film. I tend to think he mis-spoke when he said 298 (!!!) stunts in a single film. I mean, did John Woo even have that many in his 3 1/2 hour director's cut of MI: 2? I tend to doubt it but honestly, I'm not sure how many stunts go into a single chase sequence.