If you want me to be putty in your hands, all you have to do is slip me into a The Venture Brothers haze. In my humble opinion, there is no show on television -- or film that's graced the screen -- that has more wonderfully and gracefully mixed pop culture into a fantastical world. Graph paper-sex a la Dungeons and Dragons makes men murderous, prog rock makes boys into superscientists, henchmen wield lightsabers like that poor YouTube sensation, and Nancy Drew gets split into Nancy and Drew -- fiery young vixens ready to deflower young men. It mixes all walks of pop-culture life into one ever-amusing series.

On the big screen this summer, there was another sort of pop culture fest -- Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. With a much more manageable reach, the film focuses primarily on video game fandom.

So what happens when the two meet? Hank and Dean stop joining their peace-signed-finger V's for "Go Team Venture," and join their pointer fingers for "Go Team Pilgrim!"

That gem above is a crop of fan art from Annie Wu, who also happened to make a killer illustration of Venture's Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick earlier this year. LA Weekly (see the full, big version there) talked with Wu about her latest creation, which has got me wishing that she was a video game creator too. Wouldn't Hank and Dean be perfect for a game like the current Scott Pilgrim PS3 adventure?

If only wishes came true...