Anything can become a reality show these days, particularly things revolving around interesting or bizarre jobs. From Deadliest Catch (crab fishermen) to Verminators (exterminators) we've seen it all -- or have we? G4 has announced their own new reality show, one inspired by this year's Best Picture Oscar winner The Hurt Locker.

Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan will follow a US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit through basic training and tag along for a several month deployment to Afghanistan. For some reason I don't think there'll be any over-the-top Jeremy Renner types on this program.

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G4 President Neal Tiles explained the rationale behind the decision: "There is simply no way to comprehend the incredible amount of pressure and split-second decision making these individuals must undertake in the worst possible physical conditions without riding along with them as our cameras will do. This is a rare opportunity to showcase the work of the courageous men and women on the front lines and share with our viewers all the real-life drama, teamwork, danger and triumph that goes along with this specialized job."

The show is a marked departure from the cable and satellite network's normal fare, which focuses on videogames and technology with a healthy dose of Cops and Cheaters re-runs tossed in for balance. However, if you look closely, it's not as much of a stretch as it first seems. G4's 18-24 male audience is interested in more than just videogames. "We've always said the young- male demo has extremely varied interests," Tiles said. "Both G4 and the Navy like this for the same reason: It appeals to the tech side of G4's demographic."

Tiles goes on to add that this isn't G4's attempt to get in on the "dangerous jobs" subgenre of reality television.

Bomb Patrol is set to debut this spring. I'm surprised the Navy would go along with this, considering it could interfere with the soldiers' ability to do their job and make this particular group a potential target for militants looking for television exposure. What do you think?