As a love story about a dude who fights his new girlfriend's evil exes video game-style, there are a lot of theories and interpretations that can be applied to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Personally, between the books and film, I always wondered just how much of the tale happened as it said, since Pilgrim is known for blowing memories to sensational heights. If Scottie could remember punching out a regular high school kid as a death-defying fight to save a friend, who knows what really happened as Mr. Pilgrim faced Ramona Flowers' evil exes.

Add that to the fact that the movie was written before Bryan Lee O'Malley finished the series, and Edgar Wright had a whole lot of possibilities to end his cinematic adaptation -- including framing it as a gruesome dream. (Spoilers after the jump.)

Earlier in the year, Wright joked to preview audiences that he had an alternate ending in mind, so the Playlist talked to the filmmaker about his idea. It seems Wright was hoping to film a wild alternate ending during additional shooting days that never came to be. In it, the entire film would have turned out to be a dream -- but not simply one where Pilgrim wakes up and nothing happens. Nope, instead a news report on the TV would announce that seven people have been killed by a local Torontonian.

To take the idea a step further, the website Half-Assed Commitment whipped up a fake newspaper report of the killings. It's pretty awesome, and must be an American newspaper -- nitpicking warning -- since they forgot the u in "rumor." Anyway... Since you need to see it full-sized to read the text, hop over through the link above to check it out.

Yeah, this is a joke, but it's one that could hold a lot of weight in Pilgrim's Toronto world. In Volume Six, Scott learns that Simon Lee wasn't a bad guy holding Kim hostage back in high school. He was a kid she was dating who maybe hugged her once. So naturally, if punching an innocent kid can be re-remembered as defeating an evil dude, one can only imagine the potential reality behind Ramona and her evil exes.

Is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World nothing more than a funky video game memory standing between Scott and a gruesome reality?

Is Scott Pilgrim a serial killer rather than a comic hero? Would you have preferred that ending over the one in the film?