We brought you news of the newest Hellraiser film -- Hellraiser: Revelations -- a few days ago. Since then, a flurry of new details have to come to light about the sequel (which is not the remake we've been hearing about for the past few years). The biggest news of all? Doug Bradley will not be returning as Pinhead.

Bradley gave Dread Central the official insight on why he won't be involved in the newest sequel. The short answer is it's a low budget movie with a script he feels needs more work. With plans to begin shooting in just a few weeks, it appears as though Bradley feels as though the film is being rushed along just to get it out and he doesn't seem interested in being a part of that. Stop and consider this for a minute -- Bradley donned the make-up for dreadful Hellraiser sequels like Deader and Hellworld, so just how bad does this have to be for him to pass?

The actor's official statement can be read in full over at DC. Here's one of the more interesting excerpts.

"Following these discussions (with people involved with the project, although no one officially from Dimension Films), and after reading the script and giving it due consideration, I have decided not to participate. The ink is barely dry on the script, and it is scheduled to be in front of the cameras in two weeks time and in the can by the middle of next month (September 2010). The miniscule shooting schedule is more than matched by the budget."

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So, does this mean someone else will be playing Pinhead? No one knows at this point. Various websites have reported plot details from Gary Tunnicliffe's script and there's mention of some sort of "pseudo Pinhead", but no one is sure what that means.

What we do know is that this sequel seems ill-advised and like another in a long line of terrible films that will tarnish the Hellraiser legacy. I'd gotten used to the idea of a Hellraiser remake with a new take on Pinhead and a new actor in the role (in whatever form it might have taken), but the thought of a traditional Hellraiser flick without Doug Bradley sporting spikes in his head is essentially sacrilege and something I have absolutely no interest in seeing.

Do you agree? Can anyone else be Pinhead besides Doug Bradley or is this the final bit of proof you needed that Hellraiser: Revelations will be a complete disaster?
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