First piece of potentially shocking news: Mary Jane Watson will not be in Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot. Peter Parker's redheaded true love, as played by Kirsten Dunst in Sam Raimi's original trilogy, will have to wait for the inevitable sequel. However, you can't have a superhero movie without a lady for the titular costumed vigilante to pine over and Heat Vision is reporting that Webb and Sony Pictures have narrowed the search for this new love interest down to a handful of names. They all have a few things in common:

1. They're all ladies.

2. They're all very pretty ladies.

3. They're all very pretty ladies with without a lot of previous Hollywood baggage, so don't expect a particularly big name who will rival the amazing star power of Andrew Garfield.

The names are as follows...

The amazingly named Imogen Poots, soon to be seen in the upcoming Fright Night remake.

The equally amazingly named Ophelia Lovibond,, co-star of the John Lennon kinda' biopic, Nowhere Boy.

Lilly Collins of The Blind Side.

Teresa Palmer, who no one saw in this summer's Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Emma Roberts, possibly jealous of dad Eric getting iced by Stallone and company, as well as Auntie Julia getting to eat, pray and love all over the place.

Heat Vision also reports that Scott Pilgrim star Mary Elizabeth Winstead was in the running until very recently, but has been dropped from the list. A shame, since Winstead is very lovely. PROOF:

If none of these ladies will be playing Mary Jane, what role are they fighting for? The most obvious guess is Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's first ill-fated love whose existence famously came to a sudden and gruesome end in the original funnybooks. For all we know, though, this could be a completely brand new character created exclusively for the movie.

Either way, I fully expect this character to be dead before the closing credits of the second film in this new series, making way for the inevitable return on a Dunst-less Mary Jane.

Things are still early, but with shooting starting in September we should be hearing more about this casting in the next few weeks.