In this world of .56 second teaser clips, it's time to prepare yourselves for trailers for commercials, because even the advertisements get ads these days. Granted, this isn't a trailer for a 30-second spot, but a teaser for Frank Miller's shmancy Gucci commercial for the new fragrance "Gucci Guilty."

The full affair will premiere during the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12, but to whet our black and white noir-comic appetites until then, a brief trailer has hit the web. Yep, you guessed it -- this is Sin City as played by Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans. Hit the jump to see for yourselves.

She zips around in a mostly black-and-white world, where fire is colorful, as is her blonde hair. He's head-to-toe colorless, sporting some chin roughage and spikey buzz cut. They strip, and seem to get it on.

I want to like this -- I loved Sin City, and this looks a whole lot similar. However, anyone who's seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World might wonder if this is a real Gucci ad, or just something Chris Evans' Lucas Lee "acted" in on his path to an Oscar and super-stardom. I guess we're supposed to think the two are a hot pair, but it just screams Pilgrim spoof to me.

Are you tantalized by the ad teaser? Weigh in below.

[via Movieline]