Welcome to I Would Revisit/Abandon, a regular SciFi Squad feature where we take a science fiction or fantasy universe, franchise, or series and examine whether or not we would like to see more of it or if the door should be permanently shut. Expect new entries every Wednesday and Friday, and watch out for potential spoilers beyond the jump!

This week, we'll be re-thinking those plane tickets to...

Planet Akir

People/Characters: The peaceful Akira people and most notably their unlikely hero Shad.

What Makes It Unique: Despite having absolutely no concept of war or even a basic understanding of violence against others, the Akira rallied behind a band of mercenaries and defeated the pure evil and staggering handsomeness of John Saxon. Which means we know have a planet full of once-pacifistic folks who now have a taste for killing and no war to fight.

Verdict: Revisit

Reason: I fully admit that this may just be fandom taking precendence over objective reasoning, but I desperately want to see a sequel to Battle Beyond the Stars. As this movie is the paradigm of low-budget science-fiction, I must insist that the budget only be raised with respect to inflation while remaining proportionately limited. Given that this film provided a first job for a snot-nosed visual effects brat named James Cameron, it might be fun to see if he can still work miracles with no money and even fewer resources; the guy made a spaceship out of a melted aquarium back in the day!

Part of this is also a desperate desire to see a continuation of the Seven Samurai mythology. It isn't at all imperative that it happen but part of me wants to know what the next chapter holds. I've seen the story reimagined in so many genres (my other favorite of course being The Magnificent Seven) but I always wondered how those events would change the seemingly helpless farmers should those events transpire yet again. Would they be forced to enlist a whole new set of mercenaries with a whole new set of larger-than-life personalities? Or would they discover within themselves the fortitude and warrior spirit to fight back the second wave of invaders? Or, should no additional invaders appear, would they turn on one another with all that killer instinct and no cause to fight for?

The bigger question of course is would we get a second appearance of the boob ship? For those of you unfamiliar with Battle Beyond the Stars, first of all you should not be reading this, the Akira really only have one ship in their lackluster armada. It also just so happens that this single ship bears a striking resemblance to a pair of breasts. I wonder how audiences would react to such a ship should a sequel manifest and feature a cameo from this mammo-rific vessel.