I've never been to an office party that's spun wildly, hilariously out of control. Growing up, it was the sort of adult experience that was promised to me by the movies: that I would get a "real job," work at a desk, and that at Christmas everyone would drink, chase their secretaries, and later regret kissing a co-worker under the mistletoe. (Yes, I now realize that I thought being an adult would be an endless episode of Mad Men.)

Sadly, those of us who have worked in offices and attended countless workplace holiday parties all know that the out-of-control Christmas gathering is a rarity. Yet the idea lives large in myth and legend, and shall be celebrated in a new film currently under construction by writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore -- who mined gold from the Vegas bachelor-party concept with The Hangover -- to be directed by Blades of Glory filmmakers Will Speck and Josh Gordon.

The new picture, as pointed out by the L.A. Times, will be a return to holiday fare for the writers, who also penned the 2008 Vince Vaughn/Reese Witherspoon comedy Four Christmases. But the final product's bound to have an altogether different sensibility -- the rather pedestrian Four Christmases was directed by Seth Gordon (who's not relatedto Josh, as far as I know) as his first feature after the success of his documentary The King Of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (Gordon went on to direct episodes of Community and The Office, as well as the Freakonomics doc that hits theaters in November) while Speck-Gordon are the minds behind this month's Jennifer Aniston-with-a-turkey-baster comedy The Switch.

Plus, as the Times points out, The Hangover's raunchy men-misbehaving shenanigans made it the most successful R-rated comedy in history, and Blades of Glory is the fourth-highest-grossing sports comedy of all time (really? I mean, I guess the Times wouldn't lie), so as far as the suits are concerned, the combination's as close to a sure thing as Hollywood can deliver. Let the Scotch-drenched, secretary-chasing hijinks commence.
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