Esquire Magazine caught up with actor James Franco recently and as always, the slightly left of center performer managed to work in a surprise or two during the course of the conversation.

The actor chatted with Tom Chiarella, and while the discussion covered a bit of everything -- including Franco's role in this week's new release Eat Pray Love, the real bombshell was revealed when he showed up to the interview carrying a book -- Twilight -- and stated that he's reading it for a "project." Said project is a planned children's book he'd like to write at some point in the future -- presumably one about vampires and romance.

Speaking about Twilight, Franco says, "It's crazy how much sexual tension there is. It just builds and builds. I mean it never stops. It's sort of explosive by the end. Crazy. Like they'll blow up with it. And of course, they don't. Which is the point too, I guess."

Normally, when actors start talking about doing things outside their chosen field, I greet it with skepticism. Franco's a different case, though. He's a graduate student working on an MFA in Creative Writing at Columbia while also attending NYU's Film School. He has offers to enter doctoral programs in Creative Writing, so it seems pretty apparent that the guy can put words together on the page.

Even more impressive is that Franco balances all this higher education with his acting work. He's enrolled in two different degree programs but still finds time to perform. He's slated to appear in Danny Boyle's latest, 127 Hours, as well as the new Planet of the Apes and a Danny McBride project too.

Franco's clearly an interesting and clever dude -- and if anyone could get me to read a romantic children's vampire book, it's him. Would you sink your fangs into something like that?