If you didn't know anything about ex-heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson except that he bit a man's ear off, sounds like a crazy hobo and has a big tattoo on his face, you're probably one of many people that lost interest in Tyson's story in the late '90s. Director James Toback recently tried to change that attitude by re-introducing Tyson to the world in his documentary feature Tysonas a contrite motormouth that hasn't changed over-night into an "angelic" brute but rather something else entirely. From my review of Tyson:
"When discussing his fragile mind-set after his release from prison, Tyson says, 'I didn't think I was an animal.' The inflection in that sentence, putting a stress on "an animal" suggests that he's responding to a question of whether or not he felt like one, showing how Toback is, to some extent leading his subject. But for the most part, Tyson appears to be more than happy to be lead in that small way. His reflective stance is both candid and calculating, a mix of confession and tell-all autobiography. He's setting the record straight, even if that only means legitimizing and not excusing his anger. In his own words: 'I'll be trash and I'll be scum but I'll be angelic scum.'"

Well, looks like Tyson just squandered all the potential good will that Tyson garnered him, not to mention his cameo in The Hangover, which at the time seemed to prove that he could make fun of himself without sounding like a loon. Tyson recently told Sports Radio Interviews that he "was doing that to support my drug habit:"
"I was doing that to supply my drug habit. I'm sorry I'm coming at you guys like this... I said, 'Wow, This is going to be really good. We're going to sell this stuff on 42nd street on bootleg and make a lot of money.' This is my best thinking on drugs... It wasn't that way. It was an international success."
I have no idea what that means, though it sounds like crazy-but-candid Mike Tyson just said that he was planning on bootlegging his own work for drug money. After talking outside of school like that, I doubt he'll be asked back for The Hangover 2 (though he's claimed on more than one occasion that there is a part for him and he will return for the sequel). Another gem from the interview is when he's asked what the worst part about weighing 350 pounds was:
"It was hard to wipe my butt... I was sweating like some kind of guy from a moon project or something."
Again, no clue what that means but good god. Read more soundbite-worthy crazy candid quotes here.
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