It's time for a rumor of the very best variety. Let's take a minute and spark our imagination. Close your eyes and imagine how a cinematic collaboration between the man who helps bring us flicks like the New York City-destroying Cloverfield, and the man who made tadpoles a vicious monster to fear in The Host, would turn out.

Now that visions of dragon-like monsters and people running and fighting for their lives are in your head, picture this: A new rumor claims that J.J. Abrams and Bong Joon-ho have had extensive meetings in order to work out a collaboration between the two, which Abrams will produce and Bong will direct.

/Film has a source who claims that the producer visited Korea last year to conduct these "extensive meetings," and once the Korean filmmaker finishes Snow Piercer -- his latest film based on a French graphic novel -- he will head to Hollywood, team up with Abrams, and make his first US film.

As the site rightly notes, Bong has an "off-kilter approach" to filmmaking, where he mixes "morose drama and physical comedy." Just look at The Host, where heroic deeds of one little girl are intermingled with her family throwing themselves on the ground and convulsing with shrieking, silly sobs. It's a technique that should prove brow-raising to US audiences, but it also makes me like the idea of these two men collaborating all the more intriguing.

Abrams might be known these days as a genre dude, busy with sci-fi treks and monsters, but he's also the man who helped create Felicity back in the '90s, and is currently producing a remake of Little Darlings. Bong, on the other hand, really made a name for himself with The Host, before digging into romantic agoraphobia, and then a crime drama about one strong Mother. Since both have interests in a myriad of genres, I can only begin to imagine the thoughts and visions they could pull out of each other, and the film that could result.

But even if it's just a simple monster movie, I'm all-in. How about you?