We're still without one Lisbeth Salander for David Fincher's US remake/adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -- though rumor has it that the fight is down to Rooney Mara and Emily Browning -- but at least the Vanger family is starting to take shape.

The story focuses on a journalist named Mikael Blomkvist (to be played by Daniel Craig) who, just as he faces a potentially career-killing drama, is offered a job as a private, historical detective. Years ago, a young woman in the Vanger family went missing, and now the head of the family, Henrik Vanger, wants the mystery solved once and for all. The twist -- his family are all suspects.

Fincher and co. have just started to flesh out the Vangers, starting with one of the principal suspects -- Martin Vanger.

According to Variety, Stellan Skarsgard is in negotiations to play Martin in Fincher's adaptation of the best-selling novel. The actor says: "I have met Fincher, I want to work with him, he wants to work with me. I have had a concrete offer and now we are in negotiations." He goes on to explain that the contract would extend from September to March, with most of the film being shot in Stockholm, with some studio work in the US and perhaps some location work elsewhere.

As far as choices go, Fincher couldn't have done better. Skarsgard is a perfect choice for the role, and it takes no effort to imagine him tackling the path Martin's character takes. Added bonus -- he's Swedish!

But oh, the Sweden thing. I just can't really wrap my head around this idea to keep the story in Sweden, and start to bring on Swedish and international actors. That really just cuts away any BS and states: "US audiences hate subtitles so we're gonna copy the movie in English." Yes, Fincher is a great filmmaker and I'm dying to see what he'd do visually, but right now, the production is quite spoiled with a suffocating feeling of redundancy. We've even heard reports that Fincher wants his cast practicing their Swedish accents, so we won't even be free of the inevitable distracting accent slips.

Any thoughts on who should play the rest of the Vangers? Ignoring accents and nationality, I'd love to see Christopher Plummer play Henrik, but that's as far as my musing has stretched.