If you needed proof that you just can't keep a good toxic mutant down, look no further than the latest news from Troma films. Toxie, the lovable hero of the first four Toxic Avenger films, is set to appear in a brand new title according to our friends at Bloody-Disgusting.

Troma boss Lloyd Kaufman made it official with the announcement that screenwriter Collyn McCoy will pen the latest adventure -- titled The Toxic Avenger: The Toxic Twins. McCoy caught Kaufman's eye when they met at Joe Dante's office, apparently -- which is cool on so many levels that I can't even begin to explain it. Kaufman had this to say about his new writer. "Collyn's unique talent will do more than justice to Troma's 35-year, no-compromises legacy of shit-disturbing movies of the future! His script will undoubtedly be 100% Grade-A Troma!"

The original Toxic Avenger made Troma a household name to fans of cult and trashy cinema back in 1986. While it's hardly the only iconic franchise in the company's stable (I have a fondness for Sgt. Kabukiman, personally), there's no doubt that the film and character have been largely responsible for Troma becoming one of the premiere names in B-movies.

No word yet on what The Toxic Avenger: The Toxic Twins will be about, but given that title it seems fairly safe to assume that we'll be seeing some of Toxie's offspring. I'm certainly down for that.