Kevin Bacon, Nicholas Hoult, Aaron Johnson, Caleb Landry, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Benjamin Walker, Amber Heard, Rosamund Pike... Like most big superhero movies, the names floating around X-Men: First Class have been whitey white. It's to be expected -- these movies come from decades-old comics and universes created in a time when minorities didn't get a lot of comic love. Even today, people are iffy at the thought of a black man playing Spider-Man, so all that's left are the few minorities that got thrown into the mix long ago.

Following in the footsteps of Halle Berry, this new world of mutants has grabbed a person of color -- Twilight Saga villain Edi Gathegi.

Deadline reports that Gathegi, who played Laurent in the first two Twilight films, will play Darwin -- a bi-racial (half-Hispanic, half-black) mutant with the power of "reactive evolution." In other words, he has one of the coolest abilities out there, being able to adapt to the environments he's in, and the dangers he faces. His lungs can adapt for water or poison air, his eyes can see in the dark, his skin hardens when attacked, and if he tries to off himself by jumping off a building -- he lands safely.

Aside from the sketchy ability to turn white when surrounded by white folks, he's just the kind of guy who should be leading festivities, rather than being just one of many. But who knows? Wolverine got a spin-off, so maybe Darwin can too. And though it would mess with continuity, for once I'm hoping for more Storm, to keep from this film's diversity resting on one mutant's shoulders.