Welcome to I Would Revisit/Abandon, a regular SciFi Squad feature where we take a science fiction or fantasy universe, franchise, or series and examine whether or not we would like to see more of it or if the door should be permanently shut. Expect new entries every Wednesday and Friday, and watch out for potential spoilers beyond the jump!

This week, we'll be re-thinking those plane tickets to...

The Forest Moon of Endor

People/Characters: As far as we know, nothing but a bunch of annoying, Kenner-spawned teddy bears called Ewoks and fringe elements of the now defunct Galactic Empire.

What Makes it Unique: Like most Sci-Fi planets, Endor's moon is an exploded representation of one of Earth's climate zones. Much like the developers of Super Mario Brothers 3, Sci-Fi visionaries seem smitten with the idea of a universe in which each of Earth's various climate regions have their own planet or planetoid (hence the ice world of Hoth and the ceaseless desert of Tatooine). Beyond that, Endor's moon is not terribly unique but that is mostly due to the fact that we've explored so little of it.

Verdict: Revisit

Reason: This is going to sound like a bad idea for a multitude of reasons but I beg your indulgence. Yes, I am very aware that the Ewoks represent Lucas' first major commercial compromise of his own creativity and I am seriously suggesting returning to the scene of the crime. I am also aware that Star Wars does not have the best of track records when it comes to revisiting its own universe. The trip back to Tatooine in Episode I introduced us to both Pod Racing and Jake Lloyd; you decide which was the bigger disaster. Not to mention that revisiting Chewbacca's heritage was the genesis of the nightmarishly bad Star Wars Holiday Special. But I remain steadfast as I pack my star cruiser and here's why ...

We can't let the Ewoks win! We cannot allow the potential of this great woodland planet to be squandered by these furry little abortions. If the speeder bike chase through the forests of Endor's moon taught me anything it's that super advanced technology juxtaposed against a primitive (or at least timeless) locale creates some very compelling results. I would love to see a horror film birthed of this (big surprise coming from me I know) wherein a platoon of wayward storm troopers are beset by an ancient evil living in the woods that, for all their space-age weaponry, they cannot escape.

Even if you decide not to play crazy genre mix-'em-ups with the location, the fact is that Lucas' approach to the moon was unbelievably narrow. We spend all that time on Endor's moon in Return of the Jedi and the only creatures we ever see are the damn Ewoks? What kind of lazy, monofaunistic (new word) storytelling is that? If we are given the opportunity to go back to Endor and thoroughly examine the width and breadth of the forest, who knows what kind of monsters we could uncover? Plus if we were somehow able to make this film, or television series, without a heavy influence from George, imagine the amount of practical effects wizards we could employ in lieu of a sea of rubbery CG!

Of all the planets (planetoids) to which Star Wars has taken us, I think the moon of Endor has the most potential. There's only so much you can do with a vast tundra like Hoth or a merciless, barren wasteland like Tatooine. But that particular Endor moon creates a perfect catalyst for a whole host of possibilities and lifeforms. The closest to it would probably be Naboo, but it's incredibly stupid name and the unavoidable appearance of Gugans clearly makes Endor's moon the superior choice.