When Michael Patrick King and his fashion-centric stars of Sex and the City wanted to make a feature film, it was a goldmine. The budget weighed in at $65 million, and the return was stellar -- almost $153 million in domestic earnings, and almost $263 million at the foreign box office. Combined, the film brought in over $400 million, so naturally a sequel was inevitable. With some extra cash to burn after the success of the first film, Carrie and her posse returned with Sex and the City 2 and a pricey $100 million price tag. The film flopped, not even making its budget back on the domestic take, but making up ground with $185.5 million from foreign theaters.

So what are the chances of getting film #3?

Though Sarah Jessica Parker or Michael Patrick King would be a more reliable source, Kristin Davis -- aka Charlotte -- has told E! Online that she thinks the series is done with. When asked if a follow-up was in the cards, she said: "I don't think so, not that I know of. I wish it was so that we were continuing, but I don't know." Davis went on to discuss the money that did come in internationally, and blamed the media for the sequel's poor response: "There was so much hype, not coming from us, but the media hyped it up and then they tore it down."

Hype? Let's see ... They brought Liza Minelli in for a big gay wedding, and then zipped off to Abu Dhabi to partake in the fruits of the creme de la creme of luxury. The posters sparkled with bling, though this time -- to be fair -- they just asked us to "Carrie on," and not to get "Carried away." The fact of the matter is, the film was utter crap that not only disappointed the fence-sitting fans, but the hordes that brought in over a hundred million more the first time around.

But of course, as Davis says: "I could be wrong. Obviously there was a time when we thought there was no movie happening so you never know. But it's not looking great."

Honestly, I'm not against a Sex and the City movie -- I'm just against how they do it. If they wipe away the overt glam, add a little more reality and heart -- not just a 5-minute conversation between Charlotte and Miranda -- it could be worth it. But if another airheaded fluff fest hits the screen with these women, I'm finding a Manolo to chuck at the screen.