Shortly after inerviewing cast and crew members from Tron: Legacy, including Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, director Joe Kosinski, producer Sean Bailey, and original Tron creator Steven Lisberger, moderator Patton Oswalt prodded Kosinski to introduce almost eight minutes of footage from the upcoming film. Kosinski, crediting the positive reaction of test footage screened at Comic-Con 2008 as the reason the film exists, gave fans a small taste of what they will be seeing in Tron: Legacy's 3D computer world.

The footage opens with Sam Flynn (Hedlund) as he awakens in a bizarre, geometric universe. Despite his protests that it's all a dream, he soon discovers otherwise when a gigantic craft, an updated version of the Recognizers from the original Tron, descends upon him and two glowing guards take him into custody. The craft returns to the sky and is followed by two more Recognizers as a guard scans Sam and his fellow captives to assess their suitability for various tasks; the nonplussed mortal is surprised to discover he's been chosen for games.

After disembarking from the ship, Sam is shuttled down into the bowels of a mysterious facility where four beautiful women, dressed in skintight white outfits and futuristic stiletto heels, remove his clothes and sheath him in a uniform. They encode a Frisbee-looking device they describe as his data disc and attach it to his back, then disappear back into the walls from where they emerged. Although his feet are disengaged from the translucent shackles that kept him from running, he doesn't have time to go anywhere because he is lifted onto a game grid and prepared to battle – or "play games," as it were.

The continuous sequence ends in blackness, but Rinzler (Michael Sheen) instructs his DJs, played by Daft Punk, to play a little something for the audience. As grave, gorgeous tones pour out of the speakers, a compilation of shots from the film unspool, including shots of light cycles that spin and twist around each other in space; luminescent gliders soar through the air; Sam throws his data disc through an adversary, shattering him into a mass of digitized cubes; and Sam finds himself face to face with someone who appears to be his long-absent father, Kevin Flynn. As the clip comes to and end, the Flynn lookalike responds to Sam's desperate question whether he's his father, saying, "No, I'm not your father, Sam. But I am very, very glad to see you."

A trailer was unlocked at the end of the same panel and that footage is currently available online. But while you're frantically searching for other information about San Diego Comic-Con and Tron: Legacy in particular, check out all of Cinematical's coverage of the convention, interviews, panels, and all of your favorite comic book, movie and fantasy properties.