If you've been dying to see just what Natalie Portman would look like in her full ballerina costume from the upcoming Darren Aronofsky film Black Swan then this is your lucky day. The first images of Portman have turned up online, and they look very ... interesting. You can check them out in the gallery below.

The actress is set to play Nina in the flick, a young ballerina with a domineering mother who's up for the lead in a production of Swan Lake. Unfortunately, she's not a lock for the part. New dancer, Lily (Mila Kunis), is also up for the role. Playing the lead requires a dancer who can portray the innocence of the white swan and the seductiveness of the black swan -- and as the two form a friendship amidst their professional rivalry, Nina starts to become more in touch with her dark side.

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Portman looks almost hyper-stylized as the black swan in the new images. Her costume and face make-up create a very striking visual contrast that really pops out. Whether that means the film will be good or not, I can't say, but Aronofsky is once again proving that you can't say his movies are boring from a visual standpoint.

When asked about her part, Portman offered the following observation: "The character was very interesting to play, always challenging and surprising. The fact that I had spent so much time with the idea -- Darren and I started discussing doing the film in 2000 -- allowed it to marinate a little before we shot." Ten years is a long time for development, but we'll see howBlack Swan turns out when it hits theaters later this year.

What do you think? Looks almost like a giallo in some of these stills, which intrigues me to no end. Share your thoughts below. Here's mine: