Since his Oscar-nominated turn in The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke has been pretty busy. He's faced Tony Stark in Iron Man 2, he'll soon be a Tool on the screen in The Expendables, and he's got a slew of other projects on the way -- including a few gangster flicks, a little Greek titan action, and even a possible turn as Genghis Khan. Basically, he's all over the map, but now Rourke is rumored for a film that would give him a whole different cinematic world to inhabit -- a gay player on the rugby field.

Last year, Gareth Thomas became the first rugby player to come out of the closet. Now The Sun claims that the sports figure has gone out for dinner with Rourke to discuss making a movie. They say that ex-boxer Rourke has been wanting to do a rugby film for a while, but didn't find the right story until he read about Thomas' story, which he calls the "perfect model" for a movie.

While we get movies with gay characters, and maybe even a gay sporty man or two, you usually don't see the beefiest, Expendable-type male stars deciding to enter that acting territory. The closest I can think of is Eric Roberts in Spun -- and he really isn't in the beefy realm of '80s action men. It definitely fits Rourke's roster by merging both action and drama -- and it might be a nice way to wipe temper the gay slur he used a few years ago.

Should this rumor turn out to be true, would you like to see Rourke hit the rugby field for Thomas' story? Is he the right man for the role? And how many animals do you think will be written in if he does?

*Update: Rourke has been on UK TV discussing the project, so this project is more than rumor.