Good day campers! By now I'm sure you are all aware of the epic greatness that is Terror Tuesday at the Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin, Texas. I have received countless emails from people who tell me how much they wished they lived here so they could partake in this glorious celebration of all things horror. The goal of the Terror Tuesday Report was to faithfully cover this event each week for an entire year and as it is now July, that means we are half way toward achieving that goal with not a single week overlooked or unattended. As such, I thought it would be prudent to create a sort of report card for the last six months worth of screenings. Which were my favorites? Which had the most interesting audience reactions? Which do I wish I could unsee?

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My Favorite Films
(Previously Unseen)

JD's Revenge--Blaxploitation horror that elevates that subgenre. Great lead performance, surprisingly adept cinematography.
The Beast Within--Amazing coming-of-age nightmare with superb creature effects and suspense.
Alone in the Dark--Unbelievable cast all at the top of their game. Terrifying story and wicked atmosphere.
The Hidden--Phenomenal horror/sci-fi crossover with engaging plot, great back-and-forth between the leads, and smart writing.
Crawlspace--Klaus Kinski has never been creepier. Cheap production, but eerie as all hell.

Bucket Listers-Seeing these flicks on the big screen represents another item to cross off

Gates of Hell

Troll 2
Race with the Devil
Psycho II
The Brood
Prom Night

Most Entertaining Films

Raw Force
I Come in Peace
Neon Maniacs
The Burbs

Worst Films

The Hills Have Eyes-
-I am not a fan of Wes Craven and this drivel is his absolute worst.
Fear No Evil--Self-indulgent garbage ruins what could have been a fun 80's supernatural romp.
Boarding House--While it was a good deal of fun to watch, technically this has to be the worst film we've seen.
Devil Fetus--I'm not even sure how this film could have been marketed in its own language let alone the botched subtitles employed to sell it to American audiences.

Most Interesting Audience Reactions

Raw Force
--I never thought a non-horror film would play as well as did Raw Force.
Day of the Animals--The crowd was unusually subdued despite the campy goodness of the film.
Dead Heat--I have never heard an audience collectively groan when a once-dead character returned to the screen; sorry Piscopo.
Alone in the Dark--Films that are this good are often not what the audience is expecting and they are therefore unsure how to react.
Prom Night--The crowd was filled to the brim with frat boys and gaggles of girls out for a special evening; not the usual audience.