Oh, Taylor Lautner... I didn't always feel the need to chide him. Before he took off his clothes and became a wolf for The Twilight Saga, bulking up to prove his worth, he was just this wiry kid who offered a nice laid back, realistic approach to one Jacob Black. Then he had to show off "star power," and in a blink, he had muscles up the wazoo and this intense. desire. to. be. really. earnest. He no longer seemed real and almost every moment felt like Lautner trying to show his worth, rather than just acting and earning the cred.

But Hollywood bought in. Now he's a wanna-be action star, and at least this time he gets to wear layers of clothes. Check it out after the jump ...

The Daily Mail has offered up some early peeks of Lautner zipping around Pittsburgh during production of his new wolf-free film, Abduction. This is the flick where Lautner's character finds himself on a missing persons site, realizes mom and dad aren't his real parents, and then, naturally, finds himself on the run and fleeing the KGB. Apparently, the dude also finds time to stay clothed, layered with t-shirts, jackets, bags, and even aviator glasses. Unfortunately, he still looks too baby-faced to really pull off those serious, stoic-faced action poses.

But Lautner fans, do not fear. It sounds like there might be a moment or two of glistening, rippling pecs. He recently told MTV that his training for the film included a little swimming, so maybe he gets to swim away from the baddies at some point. And for those apprehensive about the Laut, do not fear. In the same interview, he talked about Abduction's story, saying "most important is the story, and the story behind this action thriller is amazing." See?

Er wait.. This is also the kid who signed on to be Stretch Armstrong.