Greetings clones! If there is one thing I love even more than a great hero, it's a fantastically evil villain. And while this may be an expression of personal bias, I tend to believe that the sci-fi genre breeds the best villains. So I thought it might be fun to scan the catalogue of sci-fi and highlight some of our favorite baddies. These villains may be iconic and known throughout the world, or may tickle far more esoteric fancies within we geeks. Whatever the case, these are folks with whom we'd rather not trifle.

Today's Villain: T-1000

Name: T-1000

Film: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Actor: Robert Patrick

Agent of Skynet

Evil Plan:
Travel back through time and assassinate John Conner, leader of the human resistance, while he is still a child.

Special Powers/Weapons/Tactics: T-1000 is constructed of a liquid metal alloy that grants him the ability to take the form of any person with whom he comes in contact. He can also form his appendages into knives and stabbing weapons and has incredible regenerative powers.

Weaknesses: T-1000 cannot transform himself into any object with moving machine parts and is also unstable at extremely high temperatures.

Adversary: A reprogrammed T-101 model who looks suspiciously like the governor of California.

What Makes Him a Great Villain: What makes T-1000 such a great villain goes beyond his power to go all liquid-snake and play deadly games of Guess Who. The opening of Terminator 2 is one of the best sequel gimmicks ever conceived. At the film's opening, when both he and Schwarzenegger arrive from the future, audiences in the theaters had only archetypes to guide their perceptions of how these two fit into the story. All they knew of Arnold was that he was an unstoppable killing machine in the first film and that Robert Patrick was dressed like a cop. In other words, we have an established antagonist and the paradigm of law and order and we must decide which is the hero and which is the villain. That first encounter between the two of them, as they are both slowly converging on John Conner is the apex of the suspense; the question finally being answered as Schwarzenegger shouts, "get down!"

But yes, the fact that T-1000 can inhabit the bodies of anyone grants him access to any high-security facility and his ability to completely liquefy himself means he can slide under any doorway. While Arnold's T-101 may have seemed impervious to bullets, T-1000 is positively tickled by them. The reason Terminator 2 is considered one of the greatest sequels of all time is based on the phenomenal fight sequences between Arnold and Robert Patrick. Patrick does an amazing job mirroring Schwarzenegger's quiet, murderous tenacity with the advancement in his hardware serving as the catalyst for T-101 to step up his game.