Men In BlackSome details have slipped about the next installment of 'Men In Black.' We knew that the movie was coming and the leads would be back. We also have a fair idea of who's guest-starring. We even know who's playing the bad guy. You can read the details of the plot here.

Still trying not to reveal plot details before the jump: the concept is trite and cliché and while it hasn't been used in the 'MIB' franchise, it has been done everywhere else. There are a few television shows and movies based around the entire idea.

I mean, come on...time travel? The only saving grace is that Jermaine Clement is undoubtedly going to be awesome as the villain. He even looks like an alien. Josh Brolin does look a little like Tommy Lee Jones, at least enough to satisfy movie audiences. I'm sure it will be a nice summer popcorn flick, provided they don't screw it up.