You never know what curve ball will be lobbed at you when it comes to the fight for Miramax. We've already outlined the ups and downs of Harvey and Bob Weinstein struggling to get their family company back. There are billionaires and rich buckos at every turn, and now there's a new player on the field, one you probably weren't expecting.

Rob Lowe. Yes, that Rob Lowe. The man who played Sodapop Curtis, Billy Hicks, Dean Youngblood, and more. The actor who now spends much of his time on Brothers & Sisters. Ol' Brat Pack Lowe.

TMZ reports that Lowe has teamed up with mogul Tom Barrack to try and nab Miramax Films, and a deal could come at any time. It started at the end of last month, when the website got video of Lowe going to dinner with Barrack, Flavio Briatore (Formula One), and Giuseppe Cipriani (owner of the restaurant they ate at, C London). Sources claimed they were talking about a $500 million deal to create a media company "similar to DreamWorks."

Now it seems like they have something else in mind entirely. Rather than whipping up their own, the pair are said to be gunning hard for Miramax: "We're told the deal is being put together quickly and could close as early as today."

One's got to assume that the $500 mil price tag has hit the road and they've upped their money talks at least to $600 mil. If you've been following the ordeal, the Weinsteins' bid was mucked up when their offer was dropped to $500 million. It would be quite unfortunate if someone else gets it for what the brothers were offering since it was, you know, started by them.

Then again, the way this whole bid for Miramax story is playing out, we might see someone entirely new come tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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