In 2006, martial artist Jet Li announced that Fearless would be his "last wushu film." This led to a flurry of speculation and demands for clarification. Would he no longer act in films or just period films? Would he no longer perform the wushu kung fu that made him famous? And just what exactly is wushu anyway?

Well here's what I, a poor ignorant Caucasian, (think I) know: wushu is a form of martial arts that comprises various different fighting styles and techniques that Li employs throughout his movies. In Fearless, his character practices and trains other to fight in that style as well as how to treat wushu as a way of life.

Those questions about Li's dedication to making more "wushu films" have resurfaced again now that director Tsui Hark is talking with him about starring in a remake of the famous and ultra-popular martial arts period epic Dragon Inn. And according to the Playlist, that remake will be in 3D and is slated to start shooting in September.

So to recap: Jet Li said he would make no more "wushu films." He is making a martial arts remake of Dragon Inn in September. Does that mean he's not performing wushu in it or is he and he just doesn't care about his highly publicized 2006 declaration? I need answers, people!

If Li's decision was in fact to just stop doing wushu kung fu and to instead do various other action films that don't revolve around stuntwork that doesn't involve wires or CGI or what-have-you, do you think he's made the right choice in having bowed out in 2006? He is getting older and so far he hasn't tried to follow Jackie Chan's example and star in a movie with Miley Cyrus or Jennifer Love Hewitt or even a neutered Steve Coogan. Except for The Mummy 3. And The Forbidden Kingdom. He made up for it by starring in the sadly underseen (in America) period epic Warlords, which was dumped by Magnolia into and out of theaters earlier this year in a heartbeat.

But am I way off, peanut gallery? Was Li just being very vague and there's no right answer?