Cats and dogs are fantastic pets, but nowadays it's all about one-upping your neighbor with a more unusual critter. There are designer dogs, micro pigs, lemurs, exotic birds; the choices are practically endless. A tank full of piranhas is a cool thing to show off to your friends, but the fun really stops there. What we need are some cute and loving creatures with a little more going on upstairs. And the ability to talk couldn't hurt either.

Let's face it: a nice majority of moviegoers wish, even if it's just the slightest bit, that their toys would come to life à la Toy Story. Or what about having a trusty magic carpet like in Aladdin? You could also go for Cinderella's pals Gus and Jaq, the talented mice who help make her dress for the ball. Like the growing amount of atypical pets out there, the possibilities are endless, but should Pixar, DreamWorks or any other animated filmmakers out there take 3D a step further and turn their creations into a reality, I've got a few suggestions for animated characters I wouldn't mind owning.

1. WALL-E's M-O
M-O may not give WALL-E the warmest welcome when our favorite waste allocation load lifter arrives aboard the Axiom, but that's only because he's just doing his job. M-O hangs around the ship hunting down foreign contaminants and poor WALL-E is covered in them. Who wouldn't want a little robot zooming around the house keeping the place clean? Of course M-O can get a little testy when on the job, but he comes through in the end and proves that he can overlook those foreign contaminants when a friend's in need.

2. Ratatouille's Remy

No, I'm not assembling a wait staff with this list; it just so happens my dream personal chef comes right after the perfect maid. While most rats are scouring the streets for edible trash, Remy's focused on acquiring only the best of the best. Also unlike typical rats, Remy's got no intentions of biting you and scampering off; he just wants to play with your hair and maneuver your arms so he can whip up some ratatouille.

3. Toy Story's Squeeze Toy Alien
Ever since I was a kid, I've had a serious addiction to the claw game causing me to instantly connect with those little squeeze toy aliens from Pizza Planet. Unfortunately when I win a stuffed toy from one of those machines, they're not going to a better place rather right into my puppy's mouth. But I swear, if I ever get the chance to own a living squeeze toy alien, the moment my dog goes in for the bite I'd swoop him up and save him and he'd be eternally grateful.

4. The Brave Little Toaster's Toaster
If you find a toaster that loves you so much he'll come hunt you down when you leave home in addition to just toasting your bread, you know you've got a keeper. Plus, if the little guy is smart enough to strap a car battery to a vacuum cleaner to use as a road trip vehicle I bet he'd have no trouble hotwiring an actual car.

5. How to Train Your Dragon's Toothless
Hiccup certainly proves that a Night Fury is a little large to be a house pet, but that's what the backyard is for. Toothless would be a hit with any dog lover. It takes some time for an injured Toothless to warm up to Hiccup, but once he does, he's as loyal as man's best friend. Then, once you've got your Night Fury's heart, you're guaranteed top-notch protection and scenic flights into the sunset.

6. All Dogs Go to Heaven's Charlie B. Barkin
All of these uncommon creatures are great, but sometimes you've just got to stick with tradition and go for the animal who's guaranteed to love you unconditionally, a dog. Actually, that trait doesn't apply to Charlie until after he goes to heaven and snags his life watch so he can return to earth and, even then, Charlie's intentions aren't exactly noble. It isn't until the very end of the film that Charlie sets his priorities straight and realizes that a little girl named Anabelle is worth risking his own life. Better late than never and that's good enough for me.

7. Despicable Me's Minion
After being drowned in minion advertising for the past two months, you'll finally get the chance to see the little yellow guys in action this weekend in Despicable Me and they don't disappoint. When they're not assisting Gru in his diabolical plan to steal the moon, the minions just want to have a good time. Despite a few minor mishaps, they're fantastic babysitters, can act as glow sticks should the power go out and are actually a lot stronger than they look. The best part about Gru's minions? They're eager to please and just looking for some love in return. I could listen to that minion gibberish all day.
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