dog soldiers dvdThis week really sucked. Hurricane Alex blew through my town and flooded neighborhoods, dropped tornadoes on Main Street and cut off my Internet access for almost two days. Luckily, I was prepared. I picked up a few sandbags, half a dozen cans of Chef Boyardee and a handful of B movie DVDs from my pal Kevin's house before the storm hit.

Kevin's the kind of guy who'll drive forty miles out of his way just to buy something trashy and ridiculous like a bootleg copy of Turkish Spider-Man Vs. Santo. So, yeah, he owns a lot of weird and gloriously crappy movies, and I like to raid his collection from time to time just for kicks.

I left titles like Crippled Masters and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians on Kevin's shelf and nabbed his copies of spy spoof D.E.B.S., manga adaptation Yo-Yo Girl Cop and Dog Soldiers, the one horror flick that caught my eye.

I'd never heard of Dog Soldiers before -- a brave admission for someone who writes for a horror blog, I know. (What can I say? There are gaps in my horror education. Thankfully, the HS Movie Club is helping me get schooled.) For those unfamiliar with the flick, Dog Soldiers is the debut film from Descent and Doomsday director Neil Marshall. The low-budget horror-comedy pits a group of British soldiers against a pack of giant werewolves in the Scottish wilderness.

I'm told that Dog Soldiers usually splits horror fans into two camps: those who love its mashup of gore, suspense and comedy, and those who think the film is a dumb, unfunny, Z-grade disaster. We'll see where I fall come Monday.

I didn't get around to watching the DVD during the storm, so I'm looking forward to screening it this weekend. Head back here next week to discuss Marshall's werewolf flick, which features some nasty fang-toothed furries that look like they could rip Jacob and his shirtless Eclipse wolf pack to shreds.
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