There's been a lot of anticipation surrounding Let Me In. At first, for most fans, it was revulsion that Matt Reeves would dare take on the already excellent original film Let the Right One In. Then the tide began to turn, just a little, with thoughts that this might actually be good. Reeves won our Peter Hall over at SxSW, but enthusiasm can only take you so far. Just a few months ago, we got the first image in May. It was a bit creepy, but still not indicative of the final product.

But how about a trailer? One that reveals glimpses of the horror and violence, the school and home, and even a brief glimpse of that pool scene?

The trailer below has just popped up online and having watched it a few times now, I'm left both intrigued and apprehensive. There's a nice feeling of context and environment, as the teaser not only outlines the snowy meeting of Abby (Chloe Moretz) and Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee), but also a town in fear as people continue to die and Elias Koteas (as "The Policeman"!) tries to solve the mystery. It would've been nice to see more Richard Jenkins, as he plays the eerie and supportive father of young Abby. The original relationship was one of the most intriguing familial bonds I've seen on the screen, and I can only imagine how the father from Six Feet Under will handle it. ...but I'm sure more peeks will come in subsequent trailers.

Check it out yourself and weigh in below: Is the trailer enough to smooth over your concerns and get your butt to the theater come October 1, are you sitting on the fence like me, or do you just want to rush home and play Let the Right One In?

[via Deadline]