I'm sort of an indifferent, yet easily-lured-in fan of the Sarsgaard. While I don't follow Peter Sarsgaard's career actively (at least no more actively than any other actor for blogging purposes), he's the type of actor that sneakily tugs me in, whether it's a supporting role as John Lotter in Boys Don't Cry, a little rivalry with Mom's young boyfriend in Garden State, or a cerebral and sexy affair with Liam Neeson a la Kinsey. He's just got that something that dares you to try and ignore him, and this next gig is definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Sarsgaard is currently busy delighting in Hector Hammond for the upcoming Green Lantern, but he's already looking toward his next gig -- bluegrass fame.

TheWrap reports that Sarsgaard will play the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Munroe, in a new feature written by the Oscar-winning scribe of Thelma and Louise, Callie Khouri. To be directed by Finn Taylor (The Darwin Awards), the film has yet to get a title or official plot synopsis, but is being described as a passion project for Sarsgaard, who is a fan of Munroe's music and who approached Khouri to pen a script.

What seems most interesting, initially, is the subject's life. His Wiki entry isn't rife with drama, but rather the usual struggles -- both parents died at an early age, he was hurt in a rather serious car crash -- and a healthy dose of bluegrass music. We're so primed for the over-the-top drama when it comes to musical biopics that it'll be nice to see something that could potentially rest more in the tunes than the drinking, wildness, and all-out drama. That is, unless there's something particularly racy I'm not familiar with, being outside the bluegrass loop and all?

The indie is in the very early stages right now, so it'll probably be a while before we hear more.