As someone who watches more horror movies in a week than most do in a year, the list of things that actually scare me is an ever-shrinking one. There are a few creepy things that remain atop it, however, the most prominent being aliens. I don't exactly know why, but wide-eyed grays make my heart pound like someone rammed the adrenaline needle from Pulp Fiction into it. Maybe I was visited as a child by a homeless guy with a weird face, maybe I was abducted, but whatever the case, aliens are one of the few images you can put in front of me that gets under my skin.

Now you can add one more to the list of Things That Make Peter Inexplicably Uncomfortable: Urban Outfitter's "Do the Truffle Shuffle" T-Shirt (via Geekologie).

Sure, the commanding text on the front isn't particularly bothersome, but there's just something about Chunk's expression that really weirds me out. It's like a Tales From the Crypt episode where a boy gets trapped in a t-shirt and is screaming to get out. I fear for his soul.

Hell, the Truffle Shuffle shirt actually freaks me out more than the similarly-functional zombie tee Capcom made to promote Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles:

I love the Goonies as much as the next guy (and even more so than some), but am I the only one who is weirded out by this?
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