Over the last few years the Academy has made a number of changes here or there to try to make their awards ceremony relevant once again. Performances have come and gone, nominees have expanded, and many claims of new and improved have been shouted from the rooftops. But for the most part, the whole mess has stayed the same -- tame and not all that interesting save for the out-of-left-field shenanigans of those attending the show. The Oscars is always the Oscars because even with "wild" changes, they're bound by old-school habits and a big fear of wild cards. After all, they're not the f-bomb loving MTV Movie Awards.

But what if the change comes not IN the show, but WHEN the show is? Instead of the pomp and circumstance boiling up in March, what if they pulled it forward to January?

reports that at their Board of Governors meeting last night, Academy members discussed moving the Oscars to January, pushing it in the New Year rush of the Golden Globes, the Super Bowl, and essentially slipping it before ceremonies like the SAG Awards (January 30) and the BAFTAs (February 13). Airing two months earlier than usual would considerably shrink awards campaigning, and definitely throw studios into a tizzy over when they should schedule their year-end award favorites.

One studio head said: "It will make the Oscars the definitive awards show again. The Globes can't move a lot earlier as all the movies wouldn't be released yet. The only potential downside is how do people see all the films in time to vote for nominations?"

As it stands now, members can pile up their screeners and have a nice Christmas holiday full of that year's (supposedly) top films. If the date is moved, that would certainly mean a wild rush. What's the only possible result? The winners will be even less accurate than they are now. Decisions will be rushed, films will be missed, and those who watch the proceedings will most likely have more to complain about the next day.

Just to make the 2011 Oscars seem even more swell, the Academy is currently in a rush to find the producers, director, and host, as three months might be shaved off the timeline. Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer have won the producer gig, and Adam Shankman was announced last October, so holding that same timeline, we should know the rest of the main players by mid-August.

Maybe that's the real secret -- rather than months of planning and changes that amount to little, just rush it all. At this point, could it hurt?

2011 Oscars in January: Yay or Nay?