It's probably pretty great to be Ruben Fleischer right now. Hot of the heels of a $99m global box-office for his debut feature, Zombieland, Fleischer's phone is doubtless ringing off the hook with offers from every studio in Hollywood. And quite right too, since Zombieland achieved that rarest of cinematic Holy Grails: being both commercially and critically successful.

But Fleischer, it seems, is keen to keep it in the family, and will reteam with Columbia Pictures to adapt action-comedy Babe in the Woods. Based on a screenplay by School of Rock scribe Mike White, the film follows a female freshman at Yale who becomes a target for the New Jersey mob.

It's the latest addition to a busy slate for the director, who's also gearing up for the imminent shoot of another Columbia picture, 30 Minutes or Less, with Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride and Aziz Ansari. That film is about a pizza boy kidnapped and forced to rob a bank by a pair of criminals. And he'll work with Eisenberg once more when he brings a Zombieland sequel to screens. Away from Columbia, he also recently sold another action-comedy pitch to Dreamworks for which he's been attached to direct and produce.

Where Babe in the Woods will slot in for Fleischer remains to be seen. As does whether it'll affect him pushing the button on 30 Minutes or Less, though with a locked cast it's probably safe to assume that'll be his next feature.

And with Babe in the Woods, Fleisher adds to his action-comedy slate yet again. Is it worth wondering if he's being pigeonholed a little as the funny man who can make things explode? Do five action-comedies in a row suggest that perhaps the director isn't stretching his obvious talent?

There are probably less entertaining and more saturated niches he could have found his way into, and if Zombieland proved anything it was that he understands how to match action with laughs. What do you think? Weigh in below!