As the 3D bandwagon grows by the day, professing to change moviemaking as we know it, there's been something missing -- not the moviegoers, nor little-known filmmakers, but rather the strong voices of dissent. In other words, the names that command the audiences, that rake in the big, mainstream bucks ... the biggies who could stand as creative roadblocks against the ever-enormous obsession to make anything and everything 3D.

It would seem like Christopher Nolan is that man. His visually stunning and eagerly-anticipated Inception is gearing up for release in only 2D, though it's just the sort of film Hollywood would want to come served in three dimensions. He and cinematographer Wally Pfister have spoken out against it in the past, and the director describes himself as "not a huge fan" of the whole 3D shebang. But don't celebrate quite yet ...

THR's Heat Vision reports that Nolan let loose some notable goodies when his previous films Insomnia and The Dark Knight screened in LA over the weekend. After telling the audience that he isn't a huge fan of 3D, he explained: "We did tests on Inception to look at the post conversion process, and they worked very well. It's quite easy to do, in fact. But it takes a little time, and we didn't have the time to do it to the standard that I would have been happy."

Already, that's not a strong stance against 3D, but rather a complaint about the shackles of time. Just to hammer another nail into the coffin of the idea that Nolan could be our Dark Knight against the new trend: "But really it's going to be up to audiences to decide how they want to watch their films." (Grr.) After passing off the responsibility, he goes on to talk about how he won't shoot in 3D, and if another dimension gets added to his upcoming Batman, it will be in post.

If... there is no IF. The studio is going to want Batman in 3D, and if it means giving Nolan the time to get it done as he sees fit, they will. Really, Nolan's words don't ring as backlash against the format, but confirmation that there's no way the Dark Knight will be safe from the process. What we can only hope for now is that our beloved world of Nolan's Batman doesn't have the same crappy post look that Clash of the Titans had.