There are few celebs that even come close to my love for Kevin Kline. I've followed him for years, growing up on his swashbuckler, seeing him on the stage and in the theater crowd, and following his cinematic features that placed him face to face with his mortality, London robbery, Charlie Chaplin, ice storms, Shakespeare, and one hell of an anniversary party ... just to name a few. These days, it's a little harder to find a great feature, but at least this week, the Kevin Kline news world is perking up.

First, Universal confirmed to Moises Chiullan over at Hollywood Elsewhere that the cinematic version of Kline's Pirates of Penzance is going to hit DVD shelves on September 14 with a 2.0 stereo audio (as recorded) and anamorphic widescreen transfer. (The Joseph Papp play that the film is based on is already available on disc.) The Johnny Depp swagger is great and all, but this is the real Pirate King. (Though, as much as I prefer Kline, imagine if he jumped on-board the new Pirates film?! I'd love to watch the two battle for pirate supremacy, wouldn't you?)

After the jump, the wonder of an Extra Man.

Second, remember that poster for the new Kevin Kline film The Extra Man that we shared last week? Well, the film's trailer has hit the net, over at Apple, and it's so well worth your time. It seems like a lifetime ago that Kline was allowed to go delightfully mad and command the stage. This role was just made for him -- strange, theatrical, and very endearing even as a lecherous, misogynist. And if you loved him dancing in In & Out, just wait 'til you get to the scene that has him in blue, elastic-waist sweatpants. This must-see hits theaters on July 30th.

In the meantime, what's your favorite Kline role?