The critics may not have been kind Clash of the Titans thanks to the atrocious visual crimes committed by Warner Brothers' rushed post-production 3D conversion, but the global box office certainly was. The Louis Leterrier-directed sword and sandals epic was about $14 million shy of a half-billion dollar haul at the box office, which is of course a number large enough to cause all the suits at WB and Legendary Pictures to have day dreams about a sequel. But now it looks like the day dreams are becoming a reality: The LA Times are reporting that the studio is currently meeting with a number of potential directors to replace Leterrier for the sure-thing sequel.

According to their sources, director Jonathan Liebesman has climbed his way to the top of their list. He may be a surprise choice considering his first two horror films (Darkness Falls and Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) didn't exactly galvanize fans, but his latest film, 2011's Battle: Los Angeles, has apparently impressed the producers enough to want to pick him as their go-to for Clash 2. No papers are signed at this point, but there is one big reason it may not be long before the lawyers start drafting up contracts.

If Warner Brothers are going to jump on another Clash, they're going to have to enter production by January of 2011 in order to ensure that Sam Worthington will be around to film; it may not have a production date yet, but the shadow of Avatar 2 looms large, threatening to gobble up Worthington for another Pandoran adventure. So, yes, Clash of the Titans 2 might be experiencing more time-sensitive deadlines on the back end, but at least this time around they'll actually shoot the film in 3D instead of outsourcing the extra dimension to some software in post.

As for Liebesman, I think he's a very interesting choice. Most people associate him with the dreadful Darkness Falls, but his public dismissal of the film as a casualty of too many chefs in the kitchen has me willing to forgive him for it. I'm very curious to see how Battle: Los Angeles, a large scale alien invasion film starring Aaron Eckhart, has turned out. At this point I think WB's interest in Liebesman can certainly be seen as a vote of confidence for the film, which is good to hear. But even if Clash 2 falls through for the director, he may still be delivering WB an ancient epic: the LA Times also says that Liebesman is currently putting together a re-telling of Odysseus for the studio.