Ever wanted to do battle with dreaded Elder God Cthulhu? Do you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, and you like card games, then this news should please you. Developer Lucidsphere Media will officially release it's first title, Necronomicon: The Card Game, for the iPhone and iPod on June 19th.

Mixing table-top RPG elements with the card battles of Magic: The Gathering, the title plans to bring the horrors of Lovecraft's fictional universe to an audience who wants to experience them in small doses while on the go:
"Role-playing games have always been fun, but these days a lot of people don't have the time to invest in a game which can take hours to play," remarks company founder Dustin Neff. "I wanted to make a role-playing card game which someone could carry around in their pocket, so to speak. Most games like this require groups of players, a significant investment of money in books and other materials, and hours if not days of your free time. The Necronomicon Card Game can be played for five minutes, wherever you happen to be. If you're interrupted, you can come back later and resume your game where you left off."

The title will mix the addictive elements of fantasy card games with the dice-throwing of countless D&D type games. Players will take on different roles as the experience progresses and be able to collect 80 cards for their deck in the original release, with the promise of more on the way through expansion packs and downloadable upgrades.

If "tapping lands" and making "saving throws" makes you giddy with delight, you'll want to give Necronomicon some love when it hits the app store later this month.
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