For many people, the appeal of Chris Carter's Millennium is as strong as ever. The show paired the science-based world of the police procedural with the supernatural, but in a way far different than Carter's other show, The X-Files. In the X-Files, the supernatural often feels like a plot element -- and I don't mean that in a bad way -- but it's part of where the drama springs from. In Millennium, the supernatural and the unexplained is far more organic -- it's a legitimate component of the show's fictional universe, just as important and ever-present as the air the characters breathe. Unlike Mulder, Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) doesn't have an ever-present foil in the form of Scully. Instead, he has supporting characters like Peter Watts, who sees the same supernatural signs that he does in the world around him. Season two saw the introduction of Frank's most interesting counterpart, fellow Millennium Group aspirant Lara Means.

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Millennium super site, Back to Frank Black, often devotes time to fan-favorite characters (and if you're a fan you know that's pretty much all of them ... ). From June 14 to June 20, they'll be shining the spotlight on Lara Means -- celebrating with fans, journalists, writers and the Millennium crew. You can catch a video tribute from Joselyn Rojas of, articles by paranormal author MR Sellars, music from Steve Katzenmoyer, a video tribute from contributor DiRT, a snippet from Millennium/Space Above Beyond Writer James Wong, and an exclusive brand new interview with Lara Means herself -- Kristen Cloke. Rumor has it that yours truly will also be sharing an article, so I hope you'll stop by the website and check it all out.

Keep up to date with all things Millennium on Back to Frank Black, who have dedicated themselves to bringing back the critically acclaimed show. Check out a teaser of BTFB's interview with actress Kristen Cloke below.

BacktoFrankBlack - Lara Means week teaser from Troy Foreman on Vimeo.

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